Getting Started with Joint Ventures

Welcome to our site. We've got a LOT of information on this website and it's spread all over the place. We've put together a list of the steps you can take to get started in learning what Joint Ventures are and how to utilize their power.

1.Read the 'Advanced Defintion of a Joint Venture' pages.

The Definition of a Joint Venture Joint Venture Expert Robin J. Elliott defines a Joint Venture as “…a win /win collaboration between two or more people, sharing resources to solve common problems and achieve goals. No limits, no catch, no selling, no manipulation, no risk. It can be called a Strategic Alliance or Partnering as well.”

2.Watch the FREE 90 Minute video "How Anyone Can Make Money Using Joint Ventures"

Watch this FREE 90 minute video. It is an intro talk to one of Robin Elliot's exhilarating boot camps that throw you head on into the world of Joint Ventures. If you would like, make some popcorn and get a drink!

3.Read Robin J. Elliot's book "Joint Adventures"

Read the excellent E-Book "Joint Adventures": Robin J. Elliott's awesome 'Joint Venture Bootcamp in a Book' will take you to your next step of Joint Venture success. You will understand the concept of Joint Ventures completley, and walk away with a handful of strategies you can implement immediately.

4.Sign up for the Joint Venture University

In 2006 the maker of drove 7,056km round trip He did it to attend his first Bootcamp with Robin J. Elliott. Ever since then, he wanted to take the power of a Bootcamp and make it available to everyone. That's JVU - go check it out: Joint Venture University